[Shin CRIMSON] 04/10/13 ~ CRIMSON DAWN Lineup!

In a low-key media gathering in Iwate, four men instantly recognizable to any Pro-Wrestling fan greeted the press to announce the start of a new promotion. Yuki Nomura, Hanzo Hijiyama, Toshiro Noguchi & Nobuyori Shimizu announced the formation of "Shin CRIMSON Pro-Wrestling", the third iteration of the CRIMSON lineage. Nomura, along with backing of local businesses once again assumed the role of President, with Hanzo Hijiyama as head official and matchmaker. Retired Toshiro Noguchi steps into the roll of assistant and head of wrestler affairs. Showing their intent, a full lineup was produced and announced match by match.

The promotion will launch on April 10th at the rebuilt Miyako Tokuji Gymnasium, the home arena of BETA/CRIMSON/SHIN CRIMSON through the last decade. Many former CRIMSON stars will make their return to the promotion but noticeably absent are any wrestlers who have aligned themselves with Akuma Toyota's Destination BATTLE GROUND series of events. No mention of Toyota or any of these wrestlers were made.

In the opening match Hayato Saigo returns to CRIMSON to face off against new Ryo Suzuki graduate Atsushi Nana, a smaller junior heavyweight standing 173 cm (5'8) and weighing 80 kg (176 lbs). Saigo suffered a major knee injury in 2010, and re injured it in 2012, and this will mark his first major match since.

In the second match, long time CRIMSON roster member, former track superstar Shuji Kawashima will take on Takayuki Ariwa's protege, amateur wrestling powerhouse Naohiro Yamaguchi. A five year pro now, Kawashima desperately needs to progress before a supernova like Yamaguchi eclipses him.

The third match will see the revival of long-time traditions, as Kingdom of Japan Pro-Wrestling sends an offer match. Long have Kazuma Fujita's students along with himself and the CRIMSON offshoots been "sister promotions", and this continues that trend. The match sees Chikao Kessin, Masafuji Yoshida & Tsutomu Nishioka against Riki Ichiro, Yujiro Higuchi & Shinji Uchikawa. Kessin, Ichiro & Higuchi all have ties to CRIMSON, making this a very special offer match.

The long dormant PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships are revived in the fourth match, as champions since 2010 (!), PREDATORS of Hiroshi Kuroki & Kaisen Tiger defend against Ryoma Inoue and Akira Tomizaki. Inoue is a fresh faced father, and Tomizaki is coming off a disastrous MMA stint, with both men having something to prove.

The remains of BLOODY GEARS are revived in the semi final as Makoto Saito teams with Ikuji Royama and Kazuya Endo to take on the combined efforts of Goro Iijima, Kenta Arakaki & PHOENIX. Most notable is PHOENIX who vanished when CRIMSON collapsed, making this his return in some time...

And finally the main event pits two of the signature CRIMSON figures against two men trying to make their mark in the wrestling world. CRIMSON's heroic figure Nobuyori Shimizu teams with the last C-1 Heavyweight Champion Takayuki Ariwa to face off against the team of "TakaGawa", Kenjiro Amagawa and Shinsuke Takahashi. Near the collapse of CRIMSON, TakaGawa were beginning to make their mark in the promotion as a signature tag team and potential stars. This will be the biggest test of their careers, as Shimizu has been among the top stars in CRIMSON since his debut in 2002, and Ariwa peaked at the end of CRIMSON, historically winning the C-1 Heavyweight Championship at Sumo Hall!

In addition to the full lineup, Nomura hinted that if this event goes well, the historic POWER SOURCE tournament could potentially be revived, a tournament which has seen some of the greatest moments in pro-wrestling history take place!

Miyako Tokuji Gymnasium (1,000)

1. Atsushi Nana vs. Hayato Saigo
2. Shuji Kawashima vs. Naohiro Yamaguchi
3. KJPW Offer Match: Chikao Kessin, Masafuji Yoshida & Tsutomu Nishioka vs. Riki Ichiro, Yujiro Higuchi & Shinji Uchikawa
4. PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Championships: Hiroshi Kuroki & Kaisen Tiger (c) vs. Ryoma Inoue & Akira Tomizaki
5. Makoto Saito, Ikuji Royama & Kazuya Endo vs. Goro Iijima, Kenta Arakaki & PHOENIX
6. Nobuyori Shimizu & Takayuki Ariwa vs. Kenjiro Amagawa & Shinsuke Takahashi


For the first time in fifteen months, Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON returned to the list of active promotions at the newly restructured Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium for CRIMSON CONCERTO ~ RISING 2012! Before the event began President Yuki Nomura, Head Official Hanzo Hijiyama, Akuma Toyota, Nobuyori Shimizu & Takayuki Ariwa greeted the faithful CRIMSON audience, thanking the fans for never forgetting about CRIMSON or their wishes for a full revival. Nomura pledged that this would just be the first step to a full revival to bring CRIMSON back to the top of the pro-wrestling world!

Naoki Daishi's first two graduates of his HYBRID FACTORY were given the opening match spot to show off their talents. Susumu Nakagawa and Katsunori Sekine; two junior heavyweight young men displayed crisp striking and basics in their CRIMSON debut. Nakagawa's extra experience paid off in the end as he tapped out the spunky Sekine with a chicken wing hold. The audience gave both men a rousing round of applause for their efforts ensuring future appearances in New CRIMSON.

After suffering a major back injury and only wrestling sporadically over the last two years, Natsuo Sakoda make his return to Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON facing former CRIMSON wrestler Kojiro Kanesaka. Sakoda looked good against the always game Kanesaka, but in the end, his ring rust proved his downfall as Kanesaka used his Dead End Drive to score the victory. Sakoda was lax in details regarding his future but said he enjoyed the experience of returning to the CRIMSON ring...

Two former champions faced off in an international battle as Mexican sensation and former C-1 Tag Team Champion El Halcon faced off against former C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Kenta Arakaki. The two threw everything at each other in a high paced exhibition until Arakaki finished off Halcon with his running face kick; the Hikitsuri. Arakaki made his intentions crystal clear, challenging Ikuji Royama to decide the "rightful" C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Champion in "new" CRIMSON.

Perhaps no group of wrestlers were more active during the CRIMSON downtime then the group that became known as "DOUR BOYZ" in the local Tokyo area. Mikio Tsuruya, Akahito Yamada and the newly rechristened "Danger" Kobayashi made their return to CRIMSON bringing their new hardcore style to bear against the traditional stylings of Kenjiro Amagawa, Shinsuke Takahashi & the returning Shuji Kawashima. Kobayashi's new shaved head and scarred appearance shocked many fans, along with Tsuruya's new extra bulk...Despite a lively performance by the straight wrestling trio, the evil hardcore tactics of their opponents and Tsuruya's new size gave them the advantage with Tsuruya finishing off Kawashima with a lariat followed by the Murder Carnival piledriver.

Highly touted prospect Naohiro Yamaguchi made his debut against his mentor Takayuki Ariwa in the semi final. Having discovered Yamaguchi, this was the big test to see how the former Olympic hopeful would cope. The 6'2, 240 Yamaguchi exceeded expectations, using his size and athletic ability to keep up with Ariwa early on showing off an impressive ability at controlling the pace of the match. A rookie mistake, attempting to charge Ariwa in the corner allowed Ariwa to take back control, finally putting Yamaguchi down with two Angelos clotheslines. Ariwa helped his young protege to his feet in a sign of respect, allowing Yamaguchi to bow to all four sides before leaving.

In a celebration of the return of CRIMSON, five of the top stars of the promotion faced off in an epic eight man tag match main event. The team of Nobuyori Shimizu, Akuma Toyota, Makoto Saito & Ikuji Royama emerged victorious over the combined efforts of Hiroyuki Takano, Goro Iijima, "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop and Rui Kuriyama when Toyota pinned Kuriyama with a lariat. The focus of the match was placed on Kuriyama who proved his doubters wrong as he was more then a match for his star studded partners and opponents, and even in defeat rose his stock significantly.

After the match, the wrestlers on the show gathered in the ring along with President Yuki Nomura, who introduced the new "General Manager" of Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON; Toshiro Noguchi! Noguchi entered the ring wearing a slick black suit, shaking hands of Nomura and the wrestlers. Noguchi explained that he would be overseeing the day to day operations of CRIMSON including the event structure. Noguchi made his first announcement, announcing that the POWER SOURCE tournament would return later this month! Noguchi further revealed that the winner of the tournament would be crowned the NEW C-1 Heavyweight Champion! This raised the ire of Takayuki Ariwa; who had never been beaten for the championship, but Noguchi explained the title hadn't been defended in fifteen months and this was the only "fair" way to decide the championship. Noguchi promised Ariwa a spot in the tournament, forcing a disgruntled Ariwa to step back.

Noguchi promised further details in the days to come, and thanked the audience and wrestlers for tonight's show to close out the evening.

Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium
1,148 (Super no Vacancy Full House)
June 10th, 2012

1. HYBRID FACTORY OFFER MATCH: Susumu Nakagawa (HYBRID FACTORY) defeated Katsunori Sekine (HYBRID FACTORY) at 6'19 with a chicken wing hold
2. RETURN OF SAKODA: Kojiro Kanesaka (FREE) defeated Natsuo Sakoda at 9'39 with the Dead End Drive
3. INTERNATIONAL DOGFIGHT: Kenta Arakaki defeated El Halcon (FREE) at 7'02 with the Hikitsuri
4. DEATH MATCH VERSUS STRONG STYLE: Mikio Tsuruya, Danger Kobayashi & Akahito Yamada defeated Kenjiro Amagawa, Shinsuke Takahashi & Shuji Kawashima at 14'29 when Tsuruya pinned Kawashima with the Murder Carnival
5. SHINE TOWARD NEW FUTURE: Takayuki Ariwa defeated Naohiro Yamaguchi at 6'39 with the Angelos
6. REVIVE THE CRIMSON SPIRIT~ NEW DAWN: Nobuyori Shimizu, Akuma Toyota, Makoto Saito & Ikuji Royama defeated Hiroyuki Takano, Goro Iijima, Rui Kuriyama & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop at 25'22 when Toyota pinned Kuriyama with a lariat

[CRIMSON] CRIMSON Concerto ~ Rising 2012!

After almost fifteen months; news has finally come from Iwate regarding the return of Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON! The "new" CRIMSON promotion is currently being funded and operated by a collective partnership of Nobuyori Shimizu, Akuma Toyota, Hanzo Hijiyama, Yuki Nomura and local businesses including the owner of the Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium.. While the Iwate region continues to recover from the catastrophic setbacks in March 2011, CRIMSON will rise once again to offer a bright light for the people of its home region.

However, this CRIMSON is a new start and not simply a relaunch. Many of the CRIMSON roster have retired or left for other ventures. Out of the CRIMSON roster from 2011, only sixteen wrestlers are returning to the company for this event. In their place are new faces and returning heroes coming back to the CRIMSON fold.

This new event will take place at the newly restructured Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium, which has been restructured to hold 1,000 fans instead of 750. This new venture was announced inside of the gymnasium with Akuma Toyota, Nobuyori Shimizu, Makoto Saito and Takayuki Ariwa in attendance in suits. Shortly thereafter a full lineup was placed on the newly restructured CRIMSON website and distributed to the sport press.

In the first match, Naoki Daishi's new promotion/dojo will send an offer match as hsi two top rookies from the HYBRID FACTORY will face off. Susumu Nakagawa debuted late 2011, while Katsunori Sekine was Daishi's first student graduating in the summer of 2011. Both follow in Daishi's footsteps of hard hitting submission based style and are planning on attempting to steal the show.

In the second match, Natsuo Sakoda makes his return to CRIMSON to face eternal freelancer Kojiro Kanesaka. Sakoda suffered a major back injury and has wrestled sparingly over the last few years but is said to be prepared for a full return to the ring. Kanesaka has been without a true home for years and may be prepared to finally settle down in CRIMSON once again after being fired for poor attitude once upon a time.

International junior styling is on display in match three, as former C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Champion Kenta Arakaki will face off against former C-1 Tag Team Champion and Mexico's favorite son El Halcon in a singles battle. Halcon has not been seen in CRIMSON in years but makes his return to Japan here.

Perhaps the most infamous combination since March 2011 will return to CRIMSON as the "Dour Boyz" of Mikio Tsuruya, Danger Kobayashi and Akahito Yamada face off against Kenjiro Amagawa, Shinsuke Takahashi & the recently returned from abroad Shuji Kawashima. The Dour Boyz have gotten a reputation as hardcore fighters with Kobayashi and Tsuruya both radically transforming themselves. This will be a test of pure wrestling vs death match style.

Takayuki Ariwa brings a potential "Super Rookie" to CRIMSON in the semi final. While training for the 2012 London Olympics prior to failing to make the team, Ariwa befriended a 22 year old Olympic hopeful named Naohiro Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi is a thick 108 kgs (240) and 188 cms (6'2) wrestling stand out who suffered an arm injury forcing his with drawl from the Olympic trials. With his dream dashed, Ariwa recruited the young man to join the world famous Ryo Suzuki dojo. Just a few scant months later it has been decided that Yamaguchi is ready for his debut, having picked up the sport at an astounding speed. Now, Ariwa will give his first protege his entrance test.

The main event will be a full revival of the CRIMSON spirit as the biggest stars in the promotion face off. Akuma Toyota, Nobuyori Shimizu, Makoto Saito & Ikuji Royama team up to face off against Hiroyuki Takano, Goro Iijima, Rui Kuriyama & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop in an exciting eight man contest. Old alliances are no more and this match could determine the future path of the revived CRIMSON.

Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium (1,000)
June 10th, 2012

2. RETURN OF SAKODA: Natsuo Sakoda vs. Kojiro Kanesaka (FREE)
3. INTERNATIONAL DOGFIGHT: Kenta Arakaki vs. El Halcon (FREE)
4. DEATH MATCH VERSUS STRONG STYLE: Mikio Tsuruya, Danger Kobayashi & Akahito Yamada vs. Kenjiro Amagawa, Shinsuke Takahashi & Shuji Kawashima
5. SHINE TOWARD NEW FUTURE: Takayuki Ariwa vs. Naohiro Yamaguchi
6. REVIVE THE CRIMSON SPIRIT~ NEW DAWN: Nobuyori Shimizu, Akuma Toyota, Makoto Saito & Ikuji Royama vs. Hiroyuki Takano, Goro Iijima, Rui Kuriyama & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop

[CRIMSON] May 2012 Summary Roster Update

On March 11, the Tohoku region was devastated by a 9.0 magnitude Earthquake and following Tsunami that destroyed much of the infrastructure of the northern regions of main land Japan. Few promotions were hit as hard as CRIMSON as not only were the CRIMSON offices damaged, the Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium was heavily damaged, and many wrestlers lost their homes. As a result, CRIMSON was indefinitely dissolved when it was obvious the promotion could not continue operations. This has been the situation since March 2011, but now in May 2012 there are rumors beginning to swell again as the Japanese people use their heart and will to pull themselves back together.

Below is a list of what happened from January 2011 to March 2011, along with updates on where the CRIMSON roster has gone since including wrestlers involved with CRIMSON historically.

January 2011: CRIMSON kicked off the new year with the FUSION Tag League. KYORUUI 6's newest member, the mysterious "Mr. Zero" was eventually revealed in the final to be none other then Goro Iijima, making his return to the promotion. In the end, HEAVY WAR's Akuma Toyota & Masakazu Fujimoto were victorious in the finals over Hiroyuki Takano and Goro Iijima.

February 2011: CRIMSON held "CRIMSON SONATA ~ MIDNIGHT LULLABY" in Iwate headlined by Takayuki Ariwa defeating Jake Bishop to retain the C-1 Heavyweight Championship. Akuma Toyota & Masakazu Fujimoto defeated Tenshin Komatsu and Makoto Saigo to win the C-1 Tag Team Championships, and Ikuji Royama defeated Kaisen Tiger to retain the C-1 Jr. Heavyweight championship. In a special challenge match, Hiroyuki Takano defeated Kenjiro Amagawa.

March 2011: CROSSxDESTINATION was set to have Takayuki Ariwa defend against Hiroyuki Takano in a rematch from DUE TIME on March 27th, but the March 11th 9.0 magnitude Earthquake and the ensuing Tsunami ruined the plans forcing CRIMSON to shut down indefinitely.

Now, Fourteen months later; here is where the CRIMSON roster has ended up:

Yuki Nomura: Few were hit as hard as Yuki Nomura in the aftermath of the Tsunami. Not only was Nomura's family home destroyed, and the CRIMSON offices badly damaged, butNomura's youngest daughter Mizuki (11) was injured during the incident. Mizuki made a full recovery but Nomura was forced to accept a work offer from a wealthy CRIMSON fan who also happened to be a business owner. Nomura is currently working full time to push Chihiro Nomura through college abroad.and keep his family going.

Nobuyori Shimizu: Following the Tsunami, Shimizu continued to wrestle for various independent companies while becoming active in the local relief efforts. Shimizu leads the charge to revive CRIMSON along with Toyota.

Toshiro Noguchi: Since the incident, Toshiro Noguchi decided to hang up the boots holding an independent show in Tochigi main evented by Noguchi vs. Shimizu for the last time. Noguchi is said to be interested in helping revive CRIMSON in a management position.

Hayato Saigo: Saigo suffered a setback in recovery from his torn knee suffered at DUE TIME 2010 while training in September 2011 forcing his return back even further. Saigo has opened a local junior heavyweight promotion called Okinawa Pro where he has gained a reputation as a skilled owner and booker while still trying to gear up for his eventual return.

Akuma Toyota: Like Shimizu, Toyota has remained active in the local scene including running his own charity themed events in Tokyo. Toyota has offered Nomura and Shirai to be the new president or vice of CRIMSON if they reopened but as of yet has not received a reply.

Masakazu Fujimoto: Fujimoto returned to acting full time, revisiting his "Darker then Abyss" Shigeki Kamiya character; a hyper violent serial killer in a sequel directed by American-Japanese director Robert Takahashi. Fujimoto also made a dramatic turn in the third season of LOVE SCRAMBLE. After finally hooking up with friend Ayami in the second season, Ayami was suddenly stolen by a playboy with connections. Fujimoto, or "Genji" took on a sudden character revision becoming darker and more serious as a result of the "betrayal" of Ayami. Season Four is stated to begin later this Fall.

Takayuki Ariwa: Ariwa has split his time between wrestling independently and also making a serious bid to join the Japanese team in Freestyle wrestling for the 2012 London Olympics. Ariwa placed high but failed to make the team or an alternate position.

Kenjiro Amagawa: Amagawa drifted around Japan doing odd bookings until he was personally requested by Ryo Suzuki to join the Suzuki Dojo as a full time instructor. Amagawa accepted, and has based his time around that since.

Shinsuke Takahashi: Briefly considered re-retirement until Amagawa convinced Takahashi to join the Suzuki Dojo as an assistant instructor. Takahashi has remained there since.

Hiroshi Kuroki & Kaisen Tiger: PREDATORS made a trip to Mexico where they remained from June 2011 to March 2012. Since then, PREDATORS have been appearing on Saigo's Okinawa Pro cards as the top team in the promotion.

Rui Kuriyama & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop: Kuriyama accepted Bishop's invitation to return to the United States in 2011. Since then, the TEXAS ROUGHRIDERS have been the dominate tag team in the Southern regions of the United States.

Naoki Daishi: Daishi hasn't wrestled professionally since middle of 2011. Instead he has opened his own gym and pro-wrestling training facility called the Hybrid Factory in Yokohama. Daishi hasn't ruled out a return but seems comfortable in his new position.

Keiji Hirano: Hirano has been appearing for Saigo's Okinawa Pro since day one becoming the assistant manager of the promotion. Hirano has also radically transformed his body, shedding almost fifteen pounds and sporting a ripped body as a result.

Shuji Kawashima: Remains abroad. Kawashima has found success in the South United States/Mexico regions and has become a high profile star playing a generic Japanese bad guy.

Ryoma Inoue: Ryoma Inoue and Tomiko Inoue had a dramatic public falling out early in 2011, and as a result Ryoma left the business to deal with it. Thankfully for all involved, the two reconciled and have announced the arrival of their first child together later this year.

Hiroyuki Takano: Continues to wrestle quite actively and often appears on Goro Iijima's WILD FIGHTING series of events as a top headliner.

Goro Iijima: After debuting at "Mr. Zero" prior to the collapse of CRIMSON due to events, Iijima formed a friendship with Takano that continues today. The two collaborate on Iijima's series of WILD FIGHTING events along with Niwatori Ogawa.

Mikio Tsuruya: Has turned to Tokyo-area deathmatches to make ends meet. Tsuruya's doing very well as he's ballooned by almost thirty pounds in weight. At 280 pounds, Tsuruya is practically immobile in the ring but continues to do well with his new schtick.

PHOENIX: Vanished as mysteriously as he arrived. Since March 2011, no one has heard anything about or from PHOENIX.

Keoni Murata: Retired back to his native Hawaii when CRIMSON collapsed. Murata got antsy from retirement; however, and ended up joining Saigo's Okinawa Pro reuniting with his trainee as an assistant.

Kenta Arakaki & Akahito Yamada: Both Arakaki and Yamada appear frequently at Tokyo area deathmatch promotions with Tsuruya but do not actively engage in deathmatches. Instead they've formed a KYOURUI 6 shoot-off group with Tsuruya and Danger Kobayashi as the DOUR BOYZ.

Tenshin Komatsu: Returned to office life when CRIMSON dissolved. Komatsu has reconciled with his family and is said to be very happy with his life.

Makoto Saito: Wrestles anywhere he can get work anywhere in the world; deathmatch or regular match.

Ikuji Royama: Joined Saigo's Okinawa Pro as a top figure for the promotion and wrestles actively for other Japanese promotions.

Kazuya Endo & Strong Tomizaki: Kazuya Endo decided to return to Mixed Martial Arts full time since gone 1-2. Strong Tomizaki shocked the wrestling world by also deciding to enter MMA after falling in love with Jiu Jitsu. Tomizaki has only had one bout which he quickly lost by TKO but is said to be continuing in his new profession.

Yukihiro Ogura: After showing little growth during his CRIMSON career and following the Tsunami, Ogura quietly retired and returned to normal life.

Akio Kobayashi: Kobayashi continued to wrestle anywhere, and ended up falling in with Tsuruya, Yamada & Arakaki in the local Tokyo deathmatch scene. Kobayashi changed his ring name to Danger Kobayashi and has become one of the more disgusting and violent wrestlers on the deathmatch scene; which he seems to excel at.

Hanzo Hijiyama: Assistant and head referee Hanzo Hijiyama has tirelessly attempted to get CRIMSON revived for over a year, and may finally be making progress....


Millienium S.K.: Following the collapse of his own promotion and the tsunami, S.K. reunited with friend Saigo for Okinawa Pro as a semi regular.

SLAYER: Followed S.K. to Okinawa Pro where he is the resident monster figure of the promotion.

Natsuo Sakoda: Sakoda suddenly reappeared on the independent scene from his back injury and has been actively wrestling with a new body and his trademark swandive DDT.

El Halcon: Remains a top star in Mexico and has not counted out a return to Japan.

Shane Johnston: Suffered a major arm injury in 2010 and has not wrestled since.

Kazuhiro Okamura & Shino Hiriyama: LOVE continue to tour the regional circuit and have made appearences for Saigo's Okinawa Promotion.

Ichiyo Tatsuko: Continues to wrestle as he always has; losing more than he wins.

Stephen Priest: Was blacklisted from American pro-wrestling after an "incident", wrestling in Europe for almost a year. Priest has recently made his return to the United States and the California scene in particular.

ATTACK GIRLS: Most continue to wrestle where they can find work. Chihiro Nomura was shipped abroad by Yuki Nomura for college, KURONEKO decided to retire, and Tomiko Inoue is out with child. The rest continue to actively wrestle.

[CRIMSON] 01/01/11 ~ RING in CRIMSON 2011

Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON held it's now annual festival of the new year, RING in CRIMSON, engineered to usher in the new year and be the official first wrestling event of the new year. As always, attendance was free for those who wished to attend as before the show a meet and greet took place with the Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON wrestlers and the audience, before a countdown to the new year led to the event beginning in full. Nobuyori Shimizu and Akuma Toyota were in the first two matches against the two least experienced CRIMSON wrestlers, Akio Kobayashi and Yukihiro Ogura respectively. Both Shimizu and Toyota breezed through their match in minutes.

The main event of the three match card saw KYOURUI 6's top two of Hiroyuki Takano and Mikio Tsuruya battle Unified Openweight Champion Kenjiro Amagawa and current AVENIR leader Keiji Hirano in tag team competition. After several minutes, KYOURUI 6 was suddenly assisted by a man wearing a full black and red bodysuit with a black mask with a large red zero painted over it. The masked man attacked Amagawa and Hirano setting up Tsuruya pinning his former tag team partner with the Murder Carnival for the fall.

Takano announced this new masked man as the newest member of KYOURUI 6, bestowing a "0" armband to the masked man. Amagawa and Hirano both demanded to know the masked man's identity, but their requests were ignored, with Takano calling the new masked man KYOURUI 6's "assassin" to complete a full takeover of CRIMSON in 2011...

Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium
400 fans

1. Nobuyori Shimizu defeated Akio Kobayashi at 5'46 with the Tsuyosa German Suplex
2. Akuma Toyota defeated Yukihiro Ogura at 4'19 with a lariat
3. Mikio Tsuruya & Hiroyuki Takano defeated Keiji Hirano & Kenjiro Amagawa at 15'38 when Tsuruya pinned Amagawa with the Murder Carnival


For the first time since July 2008, the C-1 Heavyweight Championship saw neither Akuma Toyota or Nobuyori Shimizu fighting for the championship. Instead it was the former tag team, the AT CLUB of Takayuki Ariwa and Hiroyuki Takano colliding for the championship. With bad blood spilling out for over one year with Takano's betrayal of Ariwa, the two held nothing back going full blown for over twenty five minutes. Yet it was the colossus of Miyagi that reigned the day, as Takayuki Ariwa busted out his Splash Mountain not once, but twice to put his former best friend down for the count to claim the C-1 Heavyweight Championship. Ariwa made a gesture of friendliness to Takano, but the KYOURUI 6 leader refused Ariwa's hand swearing revenge on Ariwa and the Strongest CRIMSON Army in general...

When Takayuki Ariwa debuted in 2004 for Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON, Ariwa was seen as a strong yet lackluster graduate of the Ryo Suzuki Dojo. While a strong high school wrestler, and a potential college standout, Ariwa was observed as nothing more then a competent rookie. CRIMSON's shutdown in 2005 gave Ariwa time to focus on another love of his: Weight Lifting. When CRIMSON resumed activity in late 2006, Ariwa was noticeably larger in mass and breadth. Ariwa quickly used his newfound power and intensity to gain more attention then ever beginning an ascension up the ranks of CRIMSON both as a fan favorite as a member of NGI, to a despised villain as leader of Yankizoku, Ariwa's stock always seemed to be soaring higher then ever. Now in his sixth year as a professional, Takayuki Ariwa has etched his name as one of the few to ever hold the C-1 Heavyweight Championship and reached the pinnacle of pro-wrestling.

Arguably the battle that filled Ryogoku Kokugikan was the semi final as mentor took to arms against his pupil. The BLACKHEARTS were revived in spirit as the former "Supreme Commander" Tatsumichi Akamatsu faced off against the man he taught, CRIMSON's resident demonic soldier Akuma Toyota. The two abnormally large men collided in a battle of brute strength and power with blows that made fans wince and in some cases look away in disgust. Akamatsu & Akuma's chests were both covered in welts and bright red. Toyota bled profusely from the mouth after a hard punch from Akamatsu that earned jeers from the audience. On the biggest stage of Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON's entire existence, Akuma Toyota could not be denied as he unleashed his ultimate weapon the Sakujo to spike Akamatsu on his head at an awkward angle for the finish. Toyota declared himself the "King of Fighting” after the match, and revealed his intentions to challenge the C-1 Champion...

After fighting to a time limit draw in November, the two most famous tag teams in Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON history faced off once again this time for the C-1 Tag Team Championships.The rivalry between these two teams has existed since 2005 but the end appeared to be nowhere in sight as Tenshin Komatsu and Makoto Saito were the victors this time around with Saito putting Noguchi down with the Shiraku Blade. All four shared a handshake after the battle, but no end of their rivalry appeared to be viewable to onlookers.

After bursting onto the scene in the later half of 2010 to dominate the Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON junior scene, Kenta Arakaki finally faced his match against Bloody Gears' Ikuji Royama. The two hard hitters blistered each other with a combination of shoot-style and high flying. In the end, Arakaki became the first to ever kick out of the Sliding Shotei but his valiance ended shortly thereafter as Royama dropped the champion with a high kick for the victory. Despite his loss, Arakaki claimed this was not his CRIMSON swansong, and that he would reclaim the Jr. Heavyweight crown soon...

The PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships continue to bounce around ping-pong style, as the thought unbeatable Okinawa Speed Stars of Hayato Saigo and FURY's Kotaro Ota were bested by PREDATORS, who reclaim the championships. Saigo appeared to blow out his knee on a moonsault dive to the floor on Kuroki & Tiger, which set up the finish minutes later as Kuroki locked Saigo in an inverted figure four making the Junior legend submit hastily. No word was given on Saigo's status, but he was taken to the hospital for inspection.

What should have been a friendly contest between Kenjiro Amagawa and Shinsuke Takahashi for the vacated Unified Openweight Championship quickly turned into a wild brawl due to heat remaining from their last match together at Wrestling Spirits in November. Amagawa proved to be the hardier of the two, as he eventually spiked Takahashi with the Burning Armageddon to capture the championship. Instead of the battle resolving their differences, Amagawa and Takahashi only appeared to be angrier at each other forcing President Yuki Nomura to intervene, making peace between his two star pupils...

After leaving CRIMSON to film a movie, Darker then Abyss, Masakazu Fujimoto made his return to Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON. Fujimoto shocked the audience by debuting a new look: A complete skinhead, and a dark beard covering a large portion of his face. The look was apparently inspired by Fujimoto's appearance while starring as lead villain in Darker then Abyss. Fujimoto's new look accompanied a new fighting style as Fujimoto completely destroyed KYOURUI 6 member Keoni Murata. Fujimoto landed three high angle power bombs on Murata, a lariat, and finished the former Junior ace off with the Mt. Fujimoto Bomb in less then three minutes...

As expected, Shuji Kawashima was no match for the "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop who had his way with the younger man before finishing off Kawashima with his Texan Claw Hold for the submission. Kawashima expected to be taken halfway across the world at Bishop's choice but was surprised when he was handed a train ticket. Bishop revealed that he had booked Kawashima for Ryo Suzuki's world-famous "Hell Training" course, the same that Ikuji Royama and Tenshin Komatsu had undergone which was so severe on both men it fundamentally altered their personalities...Kawashima begged and cried, but was ultimately dragged out by Yuki Nomura and others. Later in the show, a hysterical Kawashima was seen being forcibly placed on the train with Bishop tagging along, having the time of his life at Kawashima's misfortune...

Ryogoku Kokugikan
9,042 (No Vacancy)

1. PHOENIX & Kojiro Kanesaka [FREE] defeated Akio Kobayashi & Yukihiro Ogura at 6'48 when PHOENIX submitted Kobayashi with the Another Fate
2. Exile if Kawashima Loses Match: "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop defeated Shuji Kawashima at 12'19 with the Texan Claw Hold
2. Keiji Hirano & Ryoma Inoue defeated Strong Tomizaki & Kazuya Endo at 8'43 when Hirano pinned Tomizaki with the Savage Arrow
3. Rui Kuriyama & Naoki Daishi defeated Mikio Tsuruya & Akahito Yamada at 9'28 when Daishi submitted Yamada with a jujigatame
3. Masakazu Fujimoto Return Match: Masakazu Fujimoto defeated Keoni Murata at 2'34 with the Mt. Fujimoto Bomb
4. Unified Openweight Championship: Kenjiro Amagawa defeated Shinsuke Takahashi at 17'35 with the Burning Armageddon to become the 2nd champion
5. PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Kaisen Tiger & Hiroshi Kuroki defeated Hayato Saigo & Kotaro Ota (c) [FURY] at 14'06 when Kuroki submitted Saigo with an inverted figure four to become the 12th champions; OSS fails in V.1
6. C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Championship: Ikuji Royama defeated Kenta Arakaki (c) at 15'26 when Royama pinned Arakaki with a high kick to become the 14th champion; Arakaki fails in V.4
7. C-1 Tag Team Championships: Tenshin Komatsu & Makoto Saito (c) defeated Nobuyori Shimizu & Toshiro Noguchi at 19'55 when Saito pinned Noguchi with the Shiraku Blade [V.1]
8. Dream Singles Match: Akuma Toyota defeated Tatsumichi Akamatsu [DYN] at 23'52 with the Sakujo
9. C-1 Heavyweight Championship: Takayuki Ariwa defeated Hiroyuki Takano (c) at 25'08 with the Splash Mountain to become the 14th champion; Takano fails in V.1

[CRIMSON] 11/21/10 ~ Wrestling Spirits 2010

With no barriers remaining between now and DUE TIME on December 24th, Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON presented it's sole show of November, "Wrestling Spirits 2010" at the Miyako City Gymnasium.

CRIMSON sought to determine the C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Championship match at DUE TIME by casting both the champion and challenger. A four man elimination tournament saw Ikuji Royama soundly defeat PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Hayato Saigo and KYOURUI 6 champion Kenta Arakaki to earn the DUE TIME championship match. He will face KYOURUI 6's Kenta Arakaki who retained his C-1 Jr. Heavyweight Championship by defeating freelancer Kojiro Kanesaka with the Hikitsuri. Arakaki was dismissive of Royma'a challenge calling Royama another weak challenger fielded by CRIMSON to take the championship. Royama vowed to prove his dominance as the top junior in the world by defeating Arakaki at DUE TIME.

Shuji Kawashima was easily bested by "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop in humiliating fashion. At one point Bishop let go of a deciding pinfall just to land the Texan Bomber and pin with his foot on Kawashima's chest. The energetic and cocky youth challenged Bishop to a return match at DUE TIME, claiming that if he lost to Bishop he would leave CRIMSON. Amused by Kawashima's demands Bishop agreed to the match with the stipulation that he could choose where Kawashima would be “exiled” to...

The two most famous tag teams in Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON history, NGI and the "Demon Dogs" faced off once again in their legendary rivalry. Komatsu & Saito's C-1 Tag Team Championships were not on the line in a match that ultimately went to a thirty minute time limit draw. Shimizu and Noguchi appealed for a C-1 Tag Team Championship match after the draw, a request that was granted by Komatsu & Saito for DUE TIME.

In the wake of Hiroyuki Takano's C-1 Heavyweight Championship victory at Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON's anniversary and subsequent vacating of the C-2 Openweight Championship, President Yuki Nomura announced a decision match at DUE TIME to decide the new champion with his two star pupils against each other. Tag team partners Kenjiro Amagawa and Shinsuke Takahashi, former C-1 Tag Team Champions will face off at DUE TIME to decide the newest champion.

Also announced was Masakazu Fujimoto's return from his sabactical in acting from earlier in the year. Fujimoto starred in the action/triller "Darker then Abyss" as shinhead Shingeki Kamiya as a mass murderer escaped from prison on a violent rampage. Fujimoto will return with a special return match at DUE TIME.

A rare match was displayed in the main event, as three teams fought in a three way, six man, elimination match pitting the Strongest CRIMSON Army of C-1 Heavyweight Champion #1 contender Takayuki Ariwa, Kenjiro Amagawa & Shinsuke Takahashi against HEAVY WAR's Akuma Toyota, Naoki Daishi & Rui Kuiyama and also against KYOURUI 6's Mikio Tsuruya, Keoni Murata & C-1 Heavyweight Champion Hiroyuki Takano. The SCA scored first blood when during the initial confusion Takayuki Ariwa scored with the Splash Mountain on Keoni Murata for the first elimination. KYOURUI 6 answered back by using trickery to get a double ringout elimination on Akuma Toyota and Naoki Daishi dropping HEAVY WAR to one man. The onslaught by KYOURUI 6 continued as a miscommunication by Takahashi & Amagawa saw the two collide with blows on each other. Takano quickly threw Amagawa over the top, and then hit a Takano Axe Kick on the stunned Takahashi for two eliminations within seconds of each other. After their double elimination, Amagawa & Takahashi began to violently argue with both questioning the other if they had planned to attack the other in advance of their title match, forcing SCA members to break up the two...

KYOURUI 6's run was ended by Rui Kuriyama, who had lurked in the match in the background before exploding on Mikio Tsuruya, ending the beating with a vicious jumping high kick for the fall. The three final men went toe to toe, with Kuriyama holding his own against the former AT CLUB before Ariwa finally dropped the young power fighter with an Angelos leaving the match to the two men in the main event of DUE TIME, Takayuki Ariwa & Hiroyuki Takano. The Miyako audience received a small sample of the upcoming match before Takano missed a super kick, allowing Ariwa to grab Takano by the throat and hurl him over the top rope to score the all important victory heading into DUE TIME!

Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON
Westling Spirits 2010
Miyako City Gymnasium
1,450 Paid (Super no Vacancy)


1. Hiroshi Kuroki defeated Yukihiro Ogura at 4'52 with a crab hold
2. C-1 Junior Heavyweight Title Elimination Tournament: Ikuji Royama defeated Hayato Saigo at 15'19 with the Sliding Shotei
3. C-1 Junior Heavyweight Title Elimination Tournament: Akahito Yamada defeated Kaisen Tiger at 13'31 with a Straight Jacket Suplex Hold
4. Keiji Hirano & Ryoma Inoue defeated Strong Tomizaki & Kazuya Endo at 10'06 when Hirano pinned Endo with the Savage Arrow
5. "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop defeated Shuji Kawashima at 7'18 with the Texan Bomber
6. Nobuyori Shimizu & Toshiro Noguchi drew Tenshin Komatsu & Makoto Saito at 30'00 by time limit draw
7. C-1 Junior Heavyweight Title Elimination Tournament Final: Ikuji Royama defeated Akahito Yamada at 14'46 with a high kick
8. C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Championship: Kenta Arakaki (c) defeated Kojiro Kaneska (FREE) at 16'29 with the Hikitsuri [V.3]
9. ELIMINATION IN MIYAKO! ~ STRONGEST ~VERSUS~ HEAVY WAR ~VERSUS~ KYOURUI 6: SCA (Takayuki Ariwa, Kenjiro Amagawa & Shinsuke Takahashi) defeated HEAVY WAR (Akuma Toyota, Naoki Daishi & Rui Kuriyama) & KYOURUI 6 (Hiroyuiki Takano, Miki Tsuruya & Keoni Murata)
- Ariwa (2'17 Splash Mountain) Murata
- Takano & Tsuruya (10'47 Double Ringout) Toyota & Daishi
- Takano (15'54 Ringout) Amagawa
- Takano (16'01 Takano Axe Kick) Takahashi
- Kuriyama (21'03 Jumping High Kick) Tsuruya
- Ariwa (27'52 Angelos) Kuriyama
- Ariwa (30'01 Ringout) Takano

Ryogoku Kokugikan (11,500)

1. Akio Kobayashi & Yukihiro Ogura vs. PHOENIX & Kojiro Kanesaka [FREE]
2. Rui Kuriyama & Naoki Daishi vs. Mikio Tsuruya & Akahito Yamada
2. Keiji Hirano & Ryoma Inoue vs. Strong Tomizaki & Kazuya Endo
3. Exile if Kawashima Loses Match: "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop vs. Shuji Kawashima
3. Masakazu Fujimoto Return Match: Masakazu Fujimoto vs. Keoni Murata
4. Unified Openweight Championship: Kenjiro Amagawa vs. Shinsuke Takahashi
5. PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Hayato Saigo & Kotaro Ota (c) [FURY] vs. Kaisen Tiger & Hiroshi Kuroki
6. C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Championship: Kenta Arakaki (c) vs. Ikuji Royama
7. C-1 Tag Team Championships: Tenshin Komatsu & Makoto Saito (c) vs. Nobuyori Shimizu & Toshiro Noguchi
8. Dream Singles Match: Akuma Toyota vs. Tatsumichi Akamatsu [DYN]
9. C-1 Heavyweight Championship: Hiroyuki Takano (c) vs. Takayuki Ariwa

[CRIMSON] Farewell for now.

As of March 17th, 2011 after nearly nine years I have no more plans to continue working on Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON. There are significant reasons, which I'll outline below but if you've been following CRIMSON you should have seen this coming. My output for about a year has been significantly lower then before. Does this mean I won't work on CRIMSON ever again? No. It means as of today, I have no plans to do so. This also doesn't mean I have no plans to venture back into E-Puro at some point. It's just for now, instead of keeping CRIMSON on my docket of "to-do", I'm scratching it off. To explain the situation, I'll list reasons below.

1) Story

On October 13th, 2009 Nobuyori Shimizu became the C-1 Heavyweight Champion. When I posted that show, I stated below the results that my "story" was complete. At the time, I didn't think I'd continue CRIMSON. For whatever reason, I forced myself to come back, and the result is the rather poor (IMO) last year of CRIMSON. Nobuyori Shimizu was the first rookie I made specifically for CRIMSON (then BETA) as "Nobu Shimizu". He was followed by Tenshin Komatsu, Razan Toyota & Yujiro Higuchi. I had no idea I was doing in 2002, but I always knew Shimizu was my favorite. But it took until my return to CRIMSON in 2007 (following almost two years off due to a knee injury) that I really defined Shimizu as he is now. I borrowed heavily from concepts that I remembered from ECW, as I defined Shimizu as the "Heart" or "Soul" of CRIMSON. That was what Tommy Dreamer was often described as in ECW. I developed Shimizu into the heavily undersized wrestler who would never give up no matter who he faced. Even when Akuma Toyota had his “god” reign with the C-1, it was Shimizu who was the hero and the draw to the loyal fans.

When Shimizu won the championship in 2009, the plan was for a short two/four month reign. When it came time to lose the title, in the heat of writing the show, I changed the result to Shimizu winning. This repeated itself *four more times*. I couldn't bring myself to have Shimizu lose the championship. A two month reign turned into a twelve month reign. Even when Hiroyuki Takano won the championship, I changed the result to Shimizu winning. It was only by sheer force of willpower did I revert the result. Even then, I couldn't bare to have Shimizu lose definitively. It had to be a referee stoppage. I couldn't bare to have Shimizu "beaten".

Why? Because Shimizu was my story. He came to define everything CRIMSON was for me. I consider his bout against Akuma Toyota at DUE TIME in '08 to be the greatest match I've ever personally wrote. When Shimizu won the championship, I had no where else to go. I'd completed my goal. I do CRIMSON for fun, to tell a story that I personally enjoy. If I was being compensated, I'm sure I could have justified continuing. But that isn't the case, and in my heart I couldn't find anywhere to go with CRIMSON. My booking is very elevation minded, but once I completed by "great work" with Shimizu, everything else was a retread. As a result, I lost interest and my participation and show quality suffered. I have nothing left to "strive" for with CRIMSON.

2) Lack of interest in Pro-Wrestling

When I relaunched CRIMSON in 2007, I made a conscious effort to "evolve". I didn't want to put out horrible work like I felt I had in the past. So I buried myself in studying Pro-Wrestling. I studied old booking, I studied the history of the sport, I studied match constructions, if there was a way to study an aspect of pro-wrestling without actively being in pro-wrestling I did it. I think my booking & writing skills increased exponentially as a result giving CRIMSON a run of work I'm fairly happy with.

That said, I dug too deep. As the saying goes sometimes it's better to be ignorant. By studying so much I discovered that *virtually every promoter in wrestling today is doing it wrong*. And I turned into a virtual Jim Cornette. I can't ignore stupidity and poor booking. The end result, is I can't just enjoy pro-wrestling anymore. I've turned into a movie critic, who can't help by dissect every logic hole or story gap. I can't turn it off no matter how hard I try. I don't know the last time I sat down and honestly enjoyed a pro-wrestling show or event from the bottom of my heart. It's been a long time.

On top of that, I've been a MMA fan for over a decade. But in the last two years or so, I've crossed that barrier into fanaticism. Everything I can get from Pro-Wrestling, I can get from MMA without feeling like an idiot for actually taking an interest. That isn't to say I hate pro-wrestling. A part of me will always love it (I was kind of raised that way with a family that loved watching the business), but my heart is with MMA now. God knows if I had actually gotten an MMA V-Fed to work the many times I've tried, I most likely have never stuck with CRIMSON to begin with.

3) Tsunami, Earthquake & Radiation

Japan has been crippled. Some places more then most, but all aspect of Japanese society are in danger right now. Not only from the aftereffects of the crisis and the ongoing nuclear reactor issues but from a cultural standpoint as well. Japanese society will change, no matter what the outcome ultimately is. The Tohoku region of Japan may never recover in our lifetime from what's happening there. It just so happens, that CRIMSON's region *is* the Tohoku region. Specifically Iwate, Miyagi, Akita & and the like.

Those prefectures have been leveled. The infrastructure of those regions will never be the same again, and we'll never know how many lives have been lost. This is where it becomes an issue with CRIMSON. I have always striven to try and be as realistic as possible with CRIMSON. How do I deal with this? My home office, and virtually all my wrestlers are in the Tohoku region. They live there. They have families. There is absolutely no way that an event like this wouldn't have done major damage to not only CRIMSON's offices in Iwate but to the families and lives of my wrestlers & management. Yuki Nomura, my top name and my president has three daughters and lives in the Iwate Prefecture. Did the Nomura family all escape harm? How unrealistic would be it if EVERYONE I employe escaped? And on the radiation front we have no idea how bad that could end up being, other then it's not good as it is and could get exponentially worse as time goes on.

But how do I deal with this while not trivializing or appearing to use this event for storyline purposes? As far as running events, I'm not even sure if my base arena the Miyako Tokuji 1000 Gymnasium is even STANDING now. There's no infrastructure to support running events in those regions. And even running Kanto is out of the question given how things are going there. Economically speaking, there's almost no way to continue running CRIMSON right now realistically.

Until I work out my own emotional qualms with running CRIMSON, and the sheer economics of it, there is absolutely no way I will be able to even think of running CRIMSON.

I want to stress that this doesn't mean I've "quit". I may launch a new project in a few months, I may not. I may come back to CRIMSON in six months and come up with a BS reason why I haven't been running. I don't know. It will all depend on where I'm at in a few months, and where Japan is at. I'm not a psychic, I can't predict the future, so I ultimately don't know where this will all end up.

[Late CRIMSON] 10/13 - Eight Year Anniversary

- With the day of CRIMSON's emergence as a top flight global promotion drawing near, Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON celebrated their eighth year as an active promotion with a jam packed Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium event. The eight C-1 1Night Challenger Determination Tournament participants were brought to the ring one by one to open up the event. Yuki Nomura ended the festivities by giving a pep talk to the eight wrestlers, calling main eventing DUE TIME for the C-1 Heavyweight Champion the "highest peak" for any CRIMSON wrestler. All eight pledged their full intent to win the tournament, as one would expect...

- The most unlikely of the eight competitors in the opening eight man battle royal emerged victorious, as notorious freelancer Kojiro Kanesaka used his intelligence and "rodent" like trickery to score the victory. Bloody Gears members Endo & Tomizaki began early with cooperation, but that ended when Tomizaki offered Endo his hand. Endo accepted, and was immediately small packaged for the elimination. Ikuji Royama proved once again to be a dominant force as he scored three eliminations, taking out almost half of the field himself. Yukihiro Ogura, Strong Tomizaki & Ryoma Inoue were all blasted by Royama and pinned. The battle came down to Kojiro, Royama & Hiroshi Kuroki. Kuroki & Royama attempted to double team Kojiro,but their "alliance" fell apart quickly. This allowed Kojiro to come up from behind and dump both men for the double elimination. Kojiro mocked the CRIMSON juniors post-match saying that "freelancers' like himself and Kenta Arakaki were taking over the ranks...

- Naoki Daishi and Takayuki Ariwa opened up the 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT with a fast paced contested battle. Daishi attempted to use technique and speed to overcome Ariwa's brute power but ultimately fell victim to a trio of Angelos for the three count fall.

- Rui Kuriyama and Shinsuke Takahashi battled in a "forgotten wrestler" battle, as both men have struggled to find their singular purpose in CRIMSON. Despite both of their mutual lowly singles status, Takahashi proved to be a far stronger wrestler then Kuriyama and ended the night for the young power grappler with the White Flash.

- In a perfect example of youth vs. experience, Shuji Kawashima attempted to make good on his promises to make 2011 the "Year of Kawashima" by running through veteran Toshiro Noguchi. Noguchi ended those aspirations with a perfectly placed Thunder Hammer.

- Finally, the two leaders of AVENIR battled it out as original leader Kenjiro Amagawa battled his successor, the second leader of AVENIR Keiji Hirano. For years these two have had a fierce generational struggle, and this was no different as both men wasted little time in dropping bombs on each other. Once again Amagawa proved to be the stronger wrestler of the two, as he unleashed his limit break on Hirano to secure the victory, spiking Hirano with the Burning Armageddon for the victory.

- Interpromotional team the Okinawa Speed Stars of Kotaro Ota and Hayato Saigo secured the PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships over KYOURUI 6's PHOENIX and Keoni Murata. This marks Kotaro Ota's first run with the championships, and Hayato Saigo's second. Saigo & Ota's "Okinawa 2 Oita" proved to be too much for Keoni Murata to survive. Ota & Saigo mentioned defending the championships all around the wrestling world as the "strongest junior tag team" in existence...

- The semi finals finally came pitting Takayuki Ariwa and Shinsuke Takahashi against one another. With a history as rivals within tag teams, both men knew each others' weaknesses well and went at each other with fury. Takahashi scored early and often with his quick finishers, but Ariwa proved to have too tough a hide to go down easily from Takahashi's blows. Ariwa fought back, blistering Takahashi with heavy blows and his trademark attacks. Takahashi was done in with a combination of the Hammerfall, and then as he rose to his knees, a THUNDEROUS Angelos for the three count and Takayuki Ariwa's advancement to the finals!

- On the other side of the bracket, Kenjiro Amagawa and Toshiro Noguchi faced off for the right to face Takayuki Ariwa in the finals of the one night tournament. Noguchi set a deliberate pace early in the match, the veteran knowing he couldn't keep up with Amagawa's youthful energy. Noguchi couldn't contain Amagawa's energy for long leading to a fantastic series between the two trading their heaviest moves. Youth won out over experience in the end, as Noguchi was dumped on his head with a Backdrop Suplex Hold for the three count, giving Kenjiro Amagawa the right to face Takayuki Ariwa in the finals of the tournament to main event DUE TIME!

- In what was one of the worst guarded secrets of the modern pro-wrestling age, Yujiro Higuchi's "X" partner was revealed to be none other then his mentor, and Akuma Toyota's former mentor, Tatsumichi Akamatsu! Despite this set back, CRIMSON "Ace" Akuma Toyota and his foreign partner; the "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop engaged their DYNAMITE opponents in what was a horrifically violent match. Minutes into the match, both Higuchi and Bishop appeared to be bleeding from the forehead and noses due to a FIST FIGHT on the floor as Toyota and Akamatsu had a brief moment to size each other up with neither man emerging victorious. For the most part, Toyota and Akamatsu were never given a chance to firmly battle it out, with only teases here and there. But the awesome power of the once invader Akamatsu proved to be enough even in small bursts as he blasted Bishop with a Jumping High Kick for the fall. Following the decision, Akuma Toyota's legendary rage exploded. Toyota secured a house microphone then DEMANDED a singles rematch against Tatsumichi Akamatsu! Akamatsu refused the match claiming that Akuma held nothing to offer him as an opponent...Toyota replied that he would prove once and for all that he was never Akamatsu's "disciple" or "Student", and that instead he had learned everything from CRIMSON itself! Toyota ended by claiming that Akamatsu refused because Akamatsu knew he could not win if the two of them fought! Now it was Akamatsu's turn to become enraged as he charged across the ring and PUNTED Toyota in the face making a dull thud echo throughout the Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium. Toyota crashed out of the ring where ringboys quickly grabbed Toyota to restrain him. Akamatsu screamed at Toyota over the microphone to "know his rank in the world", adding that he would now demonstrate Toyota's "level" by destroying him on CRIMSON's grandest stage! December Twenty-Fourth! DUE TIME at the Ryogoku Kokugikan! With that Higuchi and Akamatsu stormed out, but not before Akamatsu gave a punt to rookie Yukihiro Ogura who simply held the ropes open for Akamatsu...

- After that display of violence, it now became to decide the first half of the DUE TIME main event, as either Takayuki Ariwa or Kenjiro Amagawa would take their final step into the immortal hall of fame that is Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON's DUE TIME event. To show off how important the battle was, Takayuki Ariwa debuted a new "Big Match" theme, a cover of his theme song done by the world famous JAM Project. The combined effect of extra ring-time by Kenjiro Amagawa in his previous matches gave Takayuki Ariwa and small advantage early in the match as he took control using his superior power game. Despite the assault by one of CRIMSON's strongest wrestlers, Amagawa held in strongly, refusing to give in while regaining his strength. Amagawa fought back, leading to several thrilling exchanges between the two men and many close falls. Both men threw out their hardest shots but neither man could put the other away. Only two moves remained, both men's "Limit Break", but neither man could secure the other is in either the Splash Mountain or the Burning Armageddon. Who would first claim their respective move? The answer would be Takayuki Ariwa, who softened up Amagawa with elbows and three Angelos, before hurking the young warrior high into the air with the Splash Mountain for the three count! Ariwa's response was almost hysterical as after climbing from the very bottom of Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON after debuting in 2004, Ariwa had finally reached the "peak" of Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON. Not only a guarenteed C-1 Heavyweight Championship match, but also in the main event of DUE TIME in front of eleven thousand CRIMSON loyalists!

- Just months after reuniting as friends, Makoto Saito and Tenshin Komatsu reaffirmed why they were at one time considered the greatest tag team in all of Japan, as the two leaders of Bloody Gears dispatched of KYOURUI 6's tag team of Mikio Tsuruya and Akahito Yamada to "liberate" the C-1 Tag Team Championships. Tsuruya and Yamada put up a strong fight against the former champions, but Tenshin Komatsu ended their struggle with a Sliding Knee Kick to Yamada's face for the victory. Komatsu and Saito held a long session post-match in the ring with both waxing poetically on their past. Komatsu joked that last year the last thing he had thought would be possible, would be holding these championships with Saito again. Saito replied by finally asking Komatsu a question he'd been pondering (in his own words)...Saito asked Komatsu if he had ENJOYED their Deathmatch at last year's DUE TIME, and wondered if Komatsu would be willing to defend their titles in one...Komatsu's response was to stare blankly at Saito for several seconds before FLEEING THE RING. In his usual stoic manner, Saito watched Komatsu run from the ring at high speeds before stating "I'll take that as a "maybe"...

- With the first half of DUE TIME's main event settled, it was not time to determine who would defend the C-1 Heavyweight Championship against Takayuki Ariwa in front of the largest CRIMSON audience in history. Would it be the man who betrayed Takayuki Ariwa last November forming KYOURUI 6, Hiroyuki Takano or would it be the "heart" of Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON who went into the event as the now longest (defending) C-1 Heavyweight Champion in history, one year to the day of his winning the championship, Nobuyori Shimizu? KYOURUI 6 attempted to interfere almost as soon as the bell rang, but a unified force of the CRIMSON Seikigun & AVENIR led by Yuki Nomura forced Takano's soldiers away from the ring much to Takano's despair. Forced to fight Shimizu alone, Takano took the early portions of the match easy, bailing out of the ring multiple times. Despite Shimizu's injured shoulder from Takano's cowardly attack, Takano refused to directly attack Shimizu head on. Instead, Takano kept trying to lure Shimizu into a trap by following him out of the ring. Shimizu would have none of it, leading to an admittedly boring opening few minutes. When the match finally formally began, Takano and Shimizu proved to be a excellent battle as Shimizu outpaced Takano in terms of technical wrestling, but Takano made up for that deficiency with his agility and quickness. A pitched battle resulted, but after twenty five minutes began to firmly switch to the side of Hiroyuki Takano. He hit Shimizu with everything under the sun, but as always, the heart of Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON would not be so easily destroyed, as Shimizu relentlessly emerged from every submission and pinfall Takano tried. With his limit break failed, Hiroyuki Takano held no other cards left to play. Save one...Sheer unadulterated violence. Takano began to PUNT Shimizu relentlessly in the head, using Takano Flashes and Takano Axe Kicks, the later of which crushed Shimizu's face into a bloody pulp. After the fifth straight Takano Axe Kick, Takano could only watch in horror as Shimizu, guided by some supernatural strength of soul began to rise once again from unconsciousness. It's doubtful Shimizu knew where he was, or even who he was anymore. All that was left was an undying heart to never give up and to always press on in the face of unending danger. With the crowd chanting his name, Shimizu reached his feet but the horrific nature of his face scared even the hardiest of men in the audience. Takano himself hesitated for a second at what he saw before him. Only for a second did Takano, as he fired off a snapping Takano Flash catching the staggering Shimizu directly behind the head. Shimizu collapsed to all fours, and Takano readied for the kill blow with yet ANOTHER Takano Axe Kick...Before Hanzo Hijiyama suddenly leaped between the two of them waving the match off. The Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium was filled with cries of Shimizu's name as ringside doctors flooded into the ring to check on Shimizu. Takano staggered backwards into a neutral corner stunned at what had just happened. As doctors tended to Shimizu, cries of "NO!" came flying out of the huddle, from Shimizu himself, as he passionately attempted to convince Hijiyama to continue the match. Noguchi and others hit the ring to console Shimizu and help the doctors carry him to the back, as Takano was formally announced as the NEW C-1 Heavyweight Champion! KYOURUI 6 hit the ring to celebrate their greatest achievement yet with their leader.

- Takano and KYOURUI 6's celebration lasted for several minutes, and included copious amounts of alcoholic beverages brought to the ring by Keoni Murata. However, the fun and brevity was abruptly disturbed as Takayuki Ariwa appeared at ringside wearing shorts and a towel over his shoulders. Takano beckoned his soldiers back as Ariwa climbed into the ring. Ariwa accepted a microphone from Hanzo Hijiyama. Ariwa opened up by congratulating his former best friend on his accomplishment, telling Takano to be proud of ending the reign of Nobuyori Shimizu through his own merits. Ariwa continued by saying that eleven months ago, Takano had betrayed him displaying his "true colors" as a wolf in sheep's clothing fooling everyone with his good looks. But deep within behind his outward personality and within his heart was a true dragon, a predator, waiting for any weakness to attack and consume at any cost. Takano had ducked, avoided, and escaped from every attempt Ariwa engineered for revenge for eleven months. But in two months, at DUE TIME, at Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan, there was no longer anywhere to go. Nowhere for Takano to hide. Takano subtly moved KYOURUI 6 between him and Ariwa, as Ariwa pointed at Takano. Ariwa announced that at DUE TIME, the "glorious reign" of Hiroyuki Takano would come to a halt as he would finally extract revenge out of Takano. Not just for himself, but for every single CRIMSON wrestler Takano and KYOURUI 6 had attacked and cheated. For every fan who paid to see great matches, and instead had KYOURUI 6 constantly ruin them with their antics. Ariwa pledged to "destroy" Takano, and thereby KYOURUI 6 with one definitive victory. With that, Ariwa pulled his towel over his head and left the ring leaving Takano alone in the ring clutching the C-1 Heavyweight Championship...

Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON Eight Year Anniversary
Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium
4,000 paid (Super no Vacancy Full House)

1. EIGHT MAN C-1 JUNIOR-HEAVYWEIGHT CHALLENGER BATTLE ROYAL: Kojiro Kanesaka [FREE] defeated Hiroshi Kuroki, Kaisen Tiger, Ryoma Inoue, Ikuji Royama, Strong Tomizaki, Kazuya Endo & Yukihiro Ogura at 18'48
- Endo eliminated by Strong Tomizaki via Small Package at 1'28
- Ogura eliminated by Ikuji Royama via High Kick at 3'10
- Kaisen Tiger eliminated by Kojiro Kanesaka at 7'42 via ring out
- Tomizaki eliminated by Ikuji Royama at 9'27 by Sliding Shotei
- Ryoma Inoue eliminated by Ikuji Royama at 13'03 by High Kick
- Ikuji Royama & Hiroshi Kuroki eliminated by Kojiro Kanesaka at 18'48 by double ringout
2. 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT FIRST ROUND: Takayuki Ariwa defeated Naoki Daishi at 9'10 with the Angelos
3. 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT FIRST ROUND: Shinsuke Takahashi defeated Rui Kuriyama at 12'29 with the White Flash
4. 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT FIRST ROUND: Toshiro Noguchi defeated Shuji Kawashima at 7'52 with the Thunder Hammer
5. 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT FIRST ROUND: Kenjiro Amagawa defeated Keiji Hirano at 10'12 with the Burning Armageddon
6. PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Hayato Saigo & Kotaro Ota [FURY] defeated Keoni Murata & PHOENIX (c) at 16'39 when Ota pinned Murata with the O2O to become the 12th champions
7. 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT SEMI FINAL: Takayuki Ariwa defeated Shinsuke Takahashi at 11'04 with the Angelos
8. 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT SEMI FINAL: Kenjiro Amagawa defeated Toshiro Noguchi at 14'43 with a Backdrop Suplex Hold
9. SPECIAL TAG TEAM ENCOUNTER: Yujiro Higuchi (DYN) & Tatsumichi Akamatsu (DYN) defeated Akuma Toyota & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop at 19'22 when Akamatsu pinned Bishop with a Jumping High Kick
10. 1NIGHT C-1 CHALLENGER DETERMINATION TOURNAMENT FINAL: Takayuki Ariwa defeated Kenjiro Amagawa at 17'31 with the Splash Mountain
11. C-1 Tag Team Championship: Makoto Saito & Tenshin Komatsu defeated Mikio Tsuruya & Akahito Yamada (c) at 23'29 when Komatsu pinned Yamada with the Sliding Knee Kick to become the 12th champions
12. C-1 Heavyweight Championship: Hiroyuki Takano defeated Nobuyori Shimizu (c) at 27'32 by referee stoppage to become the 13th Champion

[Late CRIMSON} Results Catch Up 9/21 to 10/01

Aomori Movement Park Gymnasium #2
700 Paid (No Vacancy)

1. Keiji Hirano, Ryoma Inoue & Yukihiro Ogura defeated Hayato Saigo, Hiroshi Kuroki & Akio Kobayashi at 8'11 when Hirano submitted Kobayashi with a crab hold
2. Shuji Kawashima defeated Strong Tomizaki at 9'49 with the VOS
3. PHOENIX & Keoni Murata defeated Ikuji Royama & Kazuya Endo at 12'29 when Murata pinned Endo with the BLUE HAWAII
4. Makoto Saito & Tenshin Komatsu defeated Naoki Daishi & Rui Kuriyama at 13'38 when Komatsu pinned Kuriyama with a Komatsu Knee Kick
5. Akuma Toyota & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop defeated Toshiro Noguchi & Kenjiro Amagawa at 16'02 when Toyota pinned Noguchi with a Lariat
6. Nobuyori Shimizu, Takayuki Ariwa, Shinsuke Takahashi & Kaisen Tiger defeated Hiroyuki Takano, Mikio Tsuruya, Kenta Arakaki & Akahito Yamada at 17'53 when Tiger pinned Yamada with the Bullet Wrath

- After winning in the main event, Kaisen Tiger appealed for another C-1 Junior-Heavyweight Championship match against Kenta Arakaki. This in turn brought out Ikuji Royama who complained about always being "passed over". Like a line of dominoes, wrestler after wrestler came to the ring to challenge Arakaki. With no other alternative, or clear challenger, Yuki Nomura announced that at the Anniversary, all the available wrestlers would have a BATTLE ROYAL to determine Arakaki's next challenger!

Jumonji Townsman Gymnasium
515 paid (Super no Vacancy Full House)

1. Kenta Arakaki & Akio Kobayashi defeated Naoki Daishi & Yukihiro Ogura at 5'45 when Arakaki pinned Ogura with the Hikitsuri
2. Ikuji Royama defeated Strong Tomizaki at 7'42 with a High Kick
3. Makoto Saito, Tenshin Komatsu & Kazuya Endo defeated Keiji Hirano, Shuji Kawashima & Ryoma Inoue at 14'34 when Saito pinned Kawashima with the Shiraku Blade
4. Akuma Toyota, "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop & Rui Kuriyama defeated Takayuki Ariwa, Kaisen Tiger & Hiroshi Kuroki at 15'39 when Kuriyama pinned Kuroki with a Jumping High Kick
5. Nobuyori Shimizu, Toshiro Noguchi, Hayato Saigo, Kenjiro Amagawa & Shinsuke Takahashi defeated Hiroyuki Takano, Mikio Tsuruya, Akahito Yamada, PHOENIX & Keoni Murata at 19'05 when Noguchi pinned Murata with the Thunder Hammer

- KYOURUI 6 attacked after the main event, ending up with Hayato Saigo trapped in the ring against PHOENIX & Keoni Murata. However, before things could get out of hand, KOTARO OTA sprinted to the ring chasing off the PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Champions. Ota claimed to have "just been in town" but couldn't watch his friend be ganged up on. Ota then challenged the "coward" champions to face him and Saigo at the 10/13 Anniversary! A angry PHOENIX readily agreed, making the match!

Matsushima Townsman Gymnasium
589 Paid (Super no Vacancy)

1. Kenta Arakaki defeated Yukihiro Ogura at 5'39 with a double footstomp
2. Keiji Hirano, Shuji Kawashima & Ryoma Inoue defeated Takayuki Ariwa, Kaisen Tiger & Akio Kobayashi at 9'23 when Hirano pinned Kobayashi with the Hirano Rocket
3. Nobuyori Shimizu, Toshiro Noguchi, Kenjiro Amagawa & Shinsuke Takahashi defeated Akuma Toyota, "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop, Naoki Daishi & Rui Kuriyama at 18'29 when Shimizu pinned Kuriyama with the Tsuyosa German Suplex
4. Makoto Saito, Tenshin Komatsu, Ikuji Royama, Strong Tomizaki & Kazuya Endo defeated Hiroyuki Takano, Mikio Tsuruya, Akahito Yamada, PHOENIX & Keoni Murata at 19'46 when Royama pinned PHOENIX with the Sliding Shotei

- Hiroshi Kuroki failed to attend the event due to a traveling mistake forcing a hastily rebooked event...

- After Bloody Gears bested KYOURUI 6, Tenshin Komatsu and Makoto Saito challenged Mikio Tsuruya and Akahito Yamada for the C-1 Tag Team Championships for 10/13. Yamada pointed out that both Komatsu & Saito had lost recently in their C-1 Championship challenges and were not "worthy challengers". In response, Komatsu sweetened the deal by offering to put up their Iwate Memorial Cup winnings for a championship match. Letting greed get the better of them, Tsuruya & Yamada agreed...

Miyako 1000 Tokuji Gymnasium
750 Paid (Super no Vacancy Full House)

1. Shinsuke Takahashi drew Naoki Daishi at 20'00
2. PHOENIX & Keoni Murata defeated Kenjiro Amagawa & Rui Kuriyama at 14'51 when PHOENIX pinned Kuriyama with the Dark Tides
3. Akuma Toyota & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop defeated Takayuki Ariwa & Hiroshi Kuroki at 13'38 when Bishop pinned Kuroki with the Texan Bomber
4. Makoto Saito, Tenshin Komatsu, Ikuji Royama, Strong Tomizaki & Kazuya Endo defeated Keiji Hirano, Shuji Kawashima, Ryoma Inoue, Akio Kobayashi & Yukihiro Ogura at 13'38 when Endo pinned Ogura with the Spiral Blow
5. Hiroyuki Takano, Mikio Tsuruya, Akahito Yamada & Kenta Arakaki defeated Nobuyori Shimizu, Toshiro Noguchi, Hayato Saigo & Kaisen Tiger at 21'27 when Takano pinned Tiger with the Kubikari Driller

- After the final match, President Yuki Nomura introduced the eight men who would face off in the challenger single elimination tournament at the Anniversary. Nomura announced each match, then allowed both men to give their thoughts. Takayuki Ariwa vs. Naoki Daishi began. Daishi admitted that his first year as a heavyweight had failed to go as he hoped, but that by winning the C-1 Heavyweight Championship he'd prove his "worth" as a heavyweight wrestler. Ariwa declared 2010 his year of "Never giving up" in the face of adversity and of gradual progression. Ariwa claimed that winning the tournament and the C-1 would be the "final cap" in what has been a transitional year.

Next up was Shinsuke Takahashi vs. Rui Kuriyama. Takahashi admitted that 2010 had been a rough year, but that he was ready to "progress" from a tag team wrestler into a top line single wrestler starting from this day forward. Kuriyama claimed that his chances of winning the entire tournament were slim, but that he was eager to display what Akuma Toyota had been teaching him and shock the world.

The third match announced was Toshiro Noguchi vs. Shuji Kawashima. Noguchi nostalgically looked back one year ago when he faced Nobuyori Shimizu in the finals of the C-1 Heavyweight Championship tournament, and came within an eyelash of claiming the championship. Despite his best friend holding the championship, Noguchi clarified that he wanted nothing more then to hold the championship one time in his CRIMSON career. Shuji Kawashima brashly declared 2011 as "Kawashima's Year", and that he would go into 2011 AS C-1 Heavyweight Champion!

The final tournament first round match was the only one previously announced as AVENIR's first and second generation leaders clash. Kenjiro Amagawa admitted that he didn't want to wrestle Hirano, but would do his best to educate Hirano through the match. This lit Hirano's short fuse, as Hirano demanded to know if Amagawa thought he would be a "easy victory". Amagawa insisted that he hadn't meant that, but Hirano would hear none of it. Hirano promised to "show the promise" of AVENIR's second class by defeating the leader of AVENIR's first class!

In addition, C-1 Heavyweight Champion Nobuyori Shimizu and Unified Openweight Champion Hiroyuki Takano also gave their thoughts. Much like Noguchi before him, Shimizu looked back to one year ago where his dream had been realized. Now one year later, and the longest reigning champion in years, Shimizu claimed his dream would continue past 10/13 and indefinitely through the future. Shimizu added that there was nothing Takano could do to him to separate the C-1 Heavyweight Championship from his grasp.

Takano surprisingly agreed, calling Shimizu a "stubborn man" who would do anything to keep the championship. Takano promised to do his best in a surprisingly friendly manner to Shimizu. However the darkness within Takano resurfaced as Takano admitted that he probably couldn't beat Shimizu, which is why he had taken out "insurance"...On cue KYOURUI 6 stormed the ring drawing the attention of Shimizu and all eight of the other wrestlers in the ring. Takano BRAINED Shimizu from behind with what appeared to be a metal bar hidden within his track suit while Shimizu was distracted. Takano lifted the unconscious Shimizu, and HURLED Shimizu into the ringpost, directly with Shimizu's historically injured right shoulder! KYOURUI 6 retreated like the hyena's they are as the eight men in the ring discovered Shimizu's body, clutching his shoulder...


Pro-Wrestling CRIMSON Eight Year Anniversary
Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium (3,500)

0. Kenta Arakaki vs. Akio Kobayashi
1. EIGHT MAN C-1 JUNIOR-HEAVYWEIGHT CHALLENGER BATTLE ROYAL: Hiroshi Kuroki, Kaisen Tiger, Ryoma Inoue, Ikuji Royama, Strong Tomizaki, Kazuya Endo, Yukihiro Ogura & Kojiro Kanesaka [FREE]
6. PWC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Keoni Murata & PHOENIX (c) vs. Hayato Saigo & Kotaro Ota [FURY]
9. SPECIAL TAG TEAM ENCOUNTER: Akuma Toyota & "Texas Outlaw" Jake Bishop vs. Yujiro Higuchi (DYN) & Mr. X
11. C-1 Tag Team Championship: Mikio Tsuruya & Akahito Yamada (c) vs. Makoto Saito & Tenshin Komatsu
12. C-1 Heavyweight Championship vs. Unified Openweight Championship: Nobuyori Shimizu (c) vs. Hiroyuki Takano (c)